Montags-Zoom-Meditation – 14-tägig um 19:30 Uhr – Zentrum Polling
20. Dezember 2021
Einzelretreats in der Sufi-Tradition in ursprünglicher Natur auf Cala Jami
17. Oktober 2021
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Heart, Self and Soul: A 9 month Online Course with Saki Lee

Date(s) - 15.05.22

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Saki Lee

Telefon: +31655342134


Since 2015, Saki, has been giving a 9 month series of online Sufi classes as an ongoing support to spiritual travelers from over eighteen countries. These series of classes run from September through June each year. Once a month, registered participants receive a class with four 30 minute audio sections. These classes can be listened to whenever you wish. Additionally, a written sheet with the practices given is included, as well as an invitation to join a “live” ZOOM class.

for complete information please go to our website:

Write to Rashida for personal information: